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Introduction to the Site of Nanjing Lijixiang Comfort Station

Nanjing Museum of the Site of the Lijixiang Comfort Stations preserves one of the few sites of comfort station that have been identified by living survivors of "comfort woman". 

It was officially opened to the public in December 2015.

(1) Opening Hours

 We open from Tuesday to Sunday, close at Monday (except statutory holidays)

Visting hour: 8:30——16:30 (the museum closes at 17:00)

(2) Reservation Notice

In order to protect the ruins and ensure of a sound environment for visiting, the museum will accept limited visitors within divided time periods.

It is highly suggested to make appointments at least 1 day ahead of the visiting day.

1. The museum provides free WeChat audio guidance and introduction service to visitors for enhancing better comprehension of the display and exhibits. In order not to disturd other visitors, we highly recommend you to use the earplug or turn down the voice of your phone before listening to the audio guidance. 

2. The museum is fully covered with monitoring and collected with real-time images. Smoking is prohibited in the whole museum. Any kindling and other inflammable or explosive dangerous goods are prohibited to carry into the museum. Eating food in the display hall is not allowed. Pets are not allowed enter the hall.

3. The visitors shall be over 14 years old, being neatly dressed. For the stairs of the hall are steep and dangerous, visitors unable to move freely shall be accompanied by companions. 

4.  The museum will close when hosting events for specific purposes.

Visitors can make their visiting reservations by the following two ways:

(1) Reservation on Wechat

Visitors may make the appointment on the museum's offcial Wechat account at least 1 day in advance, 5 days at most in advance, and the reservation service will be open for 24 hours each day.

Visitor shall present the true and correct QR Code and the original documents of the appointment upon visting day so as to visit the site for free. The QR Code will only be valid for the day.

If you intend to advance or postpone the visiting period,  please inform the museum before your reserved visiting time.

(2) Reservation by phone calls

Telephone number: 025-58598353

Visitors my make the appointment by phone call at least 1 day in advance, 3 days at most in advance, and the reservation service will be open from 09:00 to 16:00 between each Tuesday and Sunday.

Please be noted, the telephone appointment service is NOT available on Monday and official holidays.


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